Freedom Vol. 1

What is freedom ?

Freedom is in the way we think, talk and react. freedom is the limitless ability to push beyond your own boundaries. With freedom comes change. once you have true freedom it becomes hard to go back to what kept you bound. Be free sis, it belongs to you and no matter what you think you deserve it.

- Aneasha Parker founder/ceo 



Let me introduce you to the G-Liner, a lash adhesive and liquid liner in one. This revolutionizes the way you apply dramafree lashes. Great for beginners to advanced the G-Liner allows you to apply lashes in our 3 step method : line, apply, slay! It's just that simply ladies! We apply our lashes the Dramafree Way!

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This pallet, this pallet, this pallettttt!!! Sis this eyeshadow pallet is the most beautiful one yet! Talk about pastel dreams the Freedom pallet gives you creative freedom to do what you wish! So have fun with it and send us pics.

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LashES that give drama, length and volume. Don't be afraid of these babies they compliment any face!

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You've asked and we have delivered the original wink lashes are back. Wink gives you full volume from end to end, while not overshadowing your natural eye shape! You have to try believe it. Seriously sis, wink lashes are one thee most sexiest lashes in the Dramafree Lash line!

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